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Bernice Hopper (UK) prompted us online for 21 days of art, thinking and practising gratitude. By the end of May 2014 we moved from 'having an attitude of gratitude' to a lifestyle of gratitude. Thanks Bernice for this challenge and for leading us. The group can be found here http://practisinggratitude2014.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/practising-gratitude.html.

Day 01 Create
Day 02 Be Positive
Day 03 Inspire
Day 04 Be Happy
Day 04 before
Day 05 Be Kind
Day 06 and blank day 7
Day 06 Grateful
Day 06 Grateful & Day 07 Encourage
Day 08 Make Mistakes
Day 09 Smile
Day 10 Celebrate
Day 11 Be the blessing
Day 12 Pay Compliments
Day 13  Pay Compliments My Heart Sings
Day 14 Jump for Joy
Day 15 Give Generously
Day 16 Appreciation
Day 17 Welcome Mornings
Day 18 laugh
Day 19 Love
Day 20 Walk with Him
Day 21 Give Thanks