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Saturday, October 24, 2015



your work is so beautiful!.......you can tell it comes from the heart

Mary W

Congratulations on your growth and dedication to serving!

Ruth Reaves

Have enjoyed being a part of this group. Thanks for the rewind!

Julie Donahue

I'm fairly new to these blogs, but I am learning so much!


It has been such a blessing being a part of His Kingdom Come. Though I have only been in the group for just a short time in Oct. Thank you to the foundation team for forming this group and thank you for listening to God's call on each of your lives.

Cody Doll

Wow. Is it already a year? I can't believe I've been following you guys and God for a whole year. Congratz


I have been following for the whole year. I have bought 2 things. I am SO glad for Christian art blogs!!

maryjoy Kenderdine

I am so excited to start being a part of this faith based community of creative people who love God! I just started since i finally got internet at home and found HKC on Pinterest! Blessings to you all!


So amazing, you all have done a good work and I am thankful for it! Hugs, Autumn

Margie Welch

I am grateful for your input! I have learned so much from the things you have posted here and use them n my work. I am glad you allow God to use you!


Congratulations on your first birthday!Thankyou for showing me that I can express my faith through art.


His Kingdom Come and each of you ladies -- from the Foundation Team all the way to the most recent member -- have been a tremendous blessing in my life. When I think of how God has moved me from a "I can't do art" to a "look at what You're teaching me, God" person - I am standing in amazement! Happy Birthday HKC and I for one am looking forward to wishing you many many more of the same in the years (notice plural) to come!


I'm so thankful, Diane, that you and the other women said, "Yes" to Jesus regarding this wonderful venture into HKC and sharing your gifts and encouraging ours through this beautiful community! I have been blessed and grown so much this year in so many ways because of HKC. Happy birthday HKC & thank you! Great clip above also of your beautiful work!


Happy Birthday HKC. This is a wonderful community and I am glad my best friend Paula Ellis introduced it to me. I don't often share my deeper thoughts and insights, but I love being challenged to create faith art. Thank you all for starting this website. I hope to be here for a long time. Best Wishes, Cynaemon

Teresa Arsenault

When I first heard of HKC I was like a person in a desert being handed a glass of cool, clear water. To that point, I had not found anyone else doing faith art and the art journaling communities I had discovered were steeped in New Age and Occult practices. While I wanted to be a light in dark places, faith art was so new to me that I felt I needed some good soil for this little plant to grow. HKC has certainly been that for me. I have been inspired by the art, testimonies devotionals, and inspirational videos that have been shared.

Thank you, Diane and all the HKC foundation team for following this vision. It has literally been an answer to my prayers; an answer far above what I could have hoped, dreamed or imagined. I also love the faith art products that HKC has made available. They make it so easy to express my feelings, even when I don't feel particularly artistic.

I apologize for the length of this comment. I just have SO much gratitude in my heart for this community and everything you have done and are doing to help this little plant grow strong.

God bless you and happy birthday,

Debbie Reed

I have been so blessed by HKC, and each of the foundation team members. Thank you for all that you do Diane. I have learned so many new techniques from you!

ZudaGay Pease

It has been great sharing and learning from one another this past year. I am so thankful for you, Diane! Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to share your wisdom and talents with our community.

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